I'm an Artist living and working in LA. Digital Art, Design, and everything in between. Let's create together!

- Recent Projects -

Motion Graphics Shorts

A 3D Smartphone, rolling dice, and the beach!

Chip the muscle man (3d model)

A 3D character model created in Autodesk Maya 2018 and textured in Substance Painter 2017. Rigging and Animation is up next.

Morale Dance 2017 (Demonthon)

This Morale Dance video for DemonTHON 2017 was created using motion capture and a variety of different rendering techniques. Aiming for a similar style to Just Dance, this video is meant to assist dancers in the Morale Dance on a large scale. 

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Wabash Lights: Interactive Projection (2017)

This project was a collaboration between The Wabash Lights and DePaul University, aimed to create modes of  interaction for the Wabash Lights instillation. Working with a team of 4 designers, we researched, designed, and developed the Interactive Projection station in 10 weeks. In the coming months, we hope to create a functioning prototype of our idea.

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